Used Vehicle Department

Used Vehicle Department at Bourgeois Ford North

Our used vehicle department at Bourgeois Ford North maintains high quality inventory, and a plethora of trade-in and financing options to put you in a top tier pre-owned vehicle. Whether pre-owned or certified pre-owned, all of our used vehicles uphold the best in quality. Trading your current vehicle in to us is simple and will easily get you on your way to an upgrade. Applying for credit is safe and secure, backed by our knowledgeable finance department. Buy a used Ford at Bourgeois Ford North and experience terrific pre-owned quality.

Quality Used Inventory

Find the best used inventory at our Bourgeois Ford North dealership in Parry Sound. We stock only the highest quality used vehicles that hardly look or feel like they’ve had a home before you. Whether you’re looking at used trucks, SUVs or cars, it’s simple to browse through our online inventory and find an option that works for your lifestyle. If you want to experience the middle-ground between used and new vehicles, our certified pre-owned inventory provides a used vehicle that has been maintained to Ford’s highest quality used standards.

Trade In Your Used Vehicle

We maintain our used vehicle inventory thanks in part to fine people like you, ones who’ve had their fill of their current vehicle and want to get it off their hands. We’ll buy your car at a great price and find it a good home in our Bourgeois Ford North pre-owned inventory. This allows us to buy from the people we trust, and in turn deliver a vehicle to the next owner with a defined history and proven care for it. From there, we’ll help you into a fresh vehicle, whether in our used or new inventory.

Apply for Credit

We deal with customers with all sorts of backgrounds, so if you’ve had credit issues in the past don’t hesitate to come to us. Just because you might’ve had poor credit, or even none at all, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the vehicle you’ve always dreamed of. When you apply for credit online with us you can be certain your information is safe thanks to our secure system. Through our resources, we’ll ensure you’re set up and that you meet the requirements of your specific financing needs, and are fit for a Ford that fits within that budget.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our used vehicle department at Bourgeois Ford North, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.