Trade In Your Vehicle

Trade In Your Vehicle at Bourgeois Ford North

As much as you love your vehicle, there always comes a time when you’re itching to get a new one. When that time arrives, choose Bourgeois Ford North to trade it in to, there’s a lot in it for you! We’re proud to offer one of the best and most varied used inventories in the Parry Sound area. With a breadth of Ford models, from cars to pickups to SUVs, and across a range of prices, we have it all, but we need your help to keep it stocked with top quality vehicles. Save yourself time, money and effort by trading in to Bourgeois Ford North.

Why We Want Your Vehicle

We want your vehicle because it helps us maintain our used inventory, but it’s so much more than that. Whether you’ve bought from us before, or this is your first time dealing with us, we love to build relationships with our customers and provide an assessment of the vehicle by getting information straight from the source. This allows us to paint a full picture of the vehicle to a new owner when selling it, so they can understand its history before purchasing. One of the best parts about buying a used vehicle is the story behind it, and the owners who gave it a good life previously, and that’s what we aim to deliver with your trade in assistance.

How Trading Your Vehicle in Benefits You

It can be a long arduous process getting your vehicle off your hands, and with how busy people’s lives are nowadays it’s understandable if you can’t find the time or motivation to sell it privately. Let us do all the work and make the entire process hassle-free. Everything from inspections to dealing with our financial experts ensures that both you and your car are looked out for, and allows us to pay top dollar for those vehicles that are truly worth it. And because we’re a franchised Ford dealership, we have plenty of new and used vehicle options available for you when looking for your next vehicle. Trade in your new vehicle and drive home in a new one, all at Bourgeois Ford North.

Bourgeois Ford North wants your vehicle, so consider us when trading in your vehicle. We pay good prices and offer a variety of vehicles in our inventory. If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out.